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    Interscholastics activities such as athletics and fine arts often require participation fees. For families that qualify for free or reduced lunch and may not otherwise be able to afford the fees, EEF is here to help. EEF provides full or partial fee assistance, depending on eligibility and need.


    o   Applicants/recipients must qualify for free or reduced lunch, according to the USDA Eligibility Guidelines for Free/Reduced Lunch.

    o  Should the family not qualify for free/reduced lunch, but have extenuating circumstances, they may still apply and are given the opportunity to provide an explanation on the application.

    o   A Tucson Unified school site representative must verify academic eligibility and financial need. Only authorized TUSD site representatives (e.g. Principals, Assistant Principals, Athletic Directors, Finance Managers, Activities Assistants, etc.) may submit Interscholastic Participation Fee Assistance Applications to EEF on behalf of students. EEF does not accept applications directly from students, parents or legal guardians.

    o   The student must agree to maintain academically eligible throughout the duration of their participation, as well as maintain regular class attendance without excessive unexcused absences. Should a student become academically ineligible and not participate, EEF will not pay the fee at the end of the season.

    o   Incomplete and/or illegible applications will not be considered.

    o   EEF reserves the right to request student transcripts and/or documented proof of household size and income from the parents or guardians of students who apply for EEF Interscholastic Participation Fee Assistance.

    o   Fee assistance ranges from $5-$65 per student, per activity. Each eligible student may receive fee assistance up to two Interscholastic activities per school year, as funds are available.


    Benefits of this Program:

    o   EEF helped students with 1,539 Interscholastic Participation Fees during the 2018-2019 school year.

    o   It creates opportunities for all students, regardless of economic status, to learn teamwork, discipline, public comportment and individual accomplishment through organized extra-curricular activities.

    o   This program serves low-income youth (more than 73% of Tucson Unified's student body qualifies for free or reduced lunch).

    o   It allows children with talents and abilities beyond the traditional classroom to excel.

    o   This program strengthens the educational experience of school-aged children and the sense of personal pride that they feel about themselves, their school and their larger community. This helps to make these young people better citizens, learners and future participants in our state’s economy as scholars, athletes, employees, business owners, consumers, etc.

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